TBR2013 Out Takes

Great weekend, met some fabulous people ate some great food. Yeah, great food! Can’t get fried dough down south, they got that trash called called Funnel Cakes.
THIS was the Real McCoy

Wheelhouse of Tug BUFFALO. Take a gander at that autopilot

Peebles Island State Park is connected to Waterford via bridge. Eagles are known to roost there and truth be told I actually snapped a couple pix but they weren’t close enough to edit well enough to illustrate. I attempt to get over and take a stab at it. Of course once I get over I discover that I don’t have the lens required. I instead get these

Looking toward Erie Canal Lock #2, L-R Tug 8TH SEA, TUG44, Tug BUFFALO and Tug GRANDE ERIE. Tug 8TH SEA‘s Master, Captain Bill Curry is a Retired Navy Chief Gunner’s Mate (GMC). Yup, that’s a beloved 26’ Navy Motor Whaleboat moored outboard

A sobering item was the Hurricane Irene High Water Mark spray painted on the bridge

It’s about 7′ above the road. Keep that in mind

‘Cuz when you see THIS perspective – THAT’S A LOT OF WATER

HAD to get a T-shirt!

Tug URGER Deckhand Mike Byrnes took care of the hat part
That’s him on the settee

I wonder if I’ll get funny looks boarding a Submarine with THAT hat on my head?

All pix snapped by me, already looking forward to next year.


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