About JED

Captain John Dupee is a federally licensed First Class Pilot of Vessels of Any Gross Tons upon the waters of the St Marys River, Including Cumberland Sound, From the Sea Buoy to Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base.  In the employ of the SUBASE, he routinely pilots Naval assets to and from sea.

Mate John Dupee (pictured here in FALCON’s upper house) sailed commercially for four years aboard K-SEA Transportation’s tugs TAURUS, BALTIC SEA, NORTH SEA and FALCON towing fuel barges (18,000bbls-70,000bbls) in the greater NY Harbor area known as the Sixth Boro and offshore between Rhode Island and Virginia.

BMC(SW) Dupee (pictured here aboard destroyer USS BULKELEY (DDG84)) is a retired 22 year Chief Petty Officer who plied the briny deep aboard warships, oilers and amphibs before making his way to YTBs and piloting as an enlisted navy harbor pilot.

John Dupee  is an amateur navy historian, who love to cook, loves to eat and pays a RIDICULOUS amount of attention to the coffee he consumes by roasting it himself in his garage

5 Responses to About JED

  1. Ruthann Little says:

    I love this Mr. Dupee! Outstanding write up and pictures
    and very hard core work! Kudo’s!!

  2. Ted says:

    you work with a friend of mine’s uncle. Jimmy Brazeale

    • JED says:

      Yessir, I DO! I’ve known Captain Jim since I was a BM2 in the Navy back in Charleston 1988. Coulda blown me away when I learned I’d be working with him.

  3. Ted says:

    Tell Jimmy i said hello. I’m sure he fishes down there a good bit.

  4. Ross Macaulay says:

    Like you, I am a Military Pilot but working out of Faslane Naval Base in Scotland, UK. I am an All ships Class 1 Pilot and we seem to move the same types of vessels with the only difference being the flag flown on the fin.

    If you have a spare few minutes I wouldn’t mind sharing a few notes and see if we carry out the same job any differently.

    Best regards.

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