TBR2013 (Day 2)

Day 2 allowed me to 1) get a better look around at the surrounding area and 2) get up close and personal with arguably the SEXIEST boat at The Round-up; Tug GOVERNOR CLEVELAND

She’s incredibly clean, her brightwork impeccable

TUGSTER would introduce me to Captain Wendy; Master of NY State Canal Corp. Tug URGER who was in absentia due to needing a new shaft.
He was quick to secure her blessing for us to go visit URGER at the Canal Corp. dry dock adjacent to Erie Canal Lock #3. NOT yer run-of-the-mill graving dock. And she wouldn’t be alone
The first vessel of her kind built for the NY State Barge Canal

Here, the Lock doors keep the water out of the graving dock. It’s not great perspective but essentially there is only TWO real walls to the dock, the doors and the wall on which URGER is leaning or DAY PECKINPAUGH is shored against in the upper pic. The other two are natural berms better seen in the above pic as well.

Further skulking about the yard would yield these snaps

Back to the waterfront where I was lucky enough witness this:

Watch the anchored skiff slowly work it’s way to left OR more accurately; Tug TOOT TOOT is overtaking ATLANTIC HUNTER II!
OOPS! That’s SMOKE coming out of ATLANTIC HUNTER II’s stack!

Note the quickwater at ATLANTIC II’s stern, she’s about to give TOOT TOOT what fer

An amazing day that was capped off with some eve MORE amazing fireworks seen from the topsides of TUG44. For a town of just over 8000 people they were some of the BEST fireworks I’ve ever seen. Period. End of sentence.

Start to Finish; STUNNING visuals. If it gets any better I don’t want to know….

All pix snapped by me, video courtesy of Capt Fred and Youtube

JED sends

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One Response to TBR2013 (Day 2)

  1. tugster says:

    ah! the things you can learn while skulking! great pics of gov. cleveland.

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